On Demand Bandwidth

Why Businesses Choose Us

Be in control of your Internet speed, adjust your upload, download, and total bandwidth speed as your demands change.

Variable Bandwidth

We allow businesses to request an adjustment to their upload and download speed to fit their unique needs. We provision your service with symmetrical (equal) upload and download speed and allow you to request adjustments to fit the unique needs of your business. For month-end or quarter-end financial consolidation or reporting, simply shift your bandwidth to more upload speed.

Lower latency

More hops in optical networks lead to more processing latency and noise. A fiber network encompassing a city has to traverse more points than a wireless network. For businesses using VoIP phone systems, an advantage of using a low latency fixed wireless Internet connection is superior call quality when compared to fiber optic networks.


One of the disadvantages of fiber optic networks is that the cable runs underground, thus it is vulnerable to disruption due to damaged caused by work begin performed on the street or in the building. In contrast, a wireless connection is a point-to-point connection that meets or exceeds the reliability of fiber optic networks.


Not only can wireless networks achieve speeds up to 5Gbps to match the fastest cable speeds, but the actual delivered speed is higher because of no backhaul network sharing of voice/data traffic on wireless networks.


Microwave links can be installed in a couple of business days versus waiting weeks for a new fiber optic line to be installed. The fixed wireless network equipment is also portable.

Scale your bandwidth up or down to meet short-term business needs without changing plans.
Speeds up to 5Gbps.