Internet Service

Looking for an alternative to big cable and Telco carriers for fast, secure Internet service? Look no further.

On-demand, Scalable Bandwidth

Pick your plan and then configure the upload and download speed to fit your business needs.

Quality Infrastructure

Your business information is safe and secure as we use encrypted transmissions and connect to the Internet via Tier 1 data networks.

Positive Customer Experience

More than customer support – customer success. Live, US-based support team for on-boarding and ongoing guidance.

Know the Facts Before You Buy

Avoid misleading ISP claims by asking the right questions:

Continuous or Burst Speed?
ISPs often quote “burst” speeds (speeds delivered only for a few seconds) to attract customers. However, what your business needs is continuously delivered Internet speed to maintain productivity & staff morale.

At WiFiBy, we quote only continuous speed.

Symmetrical or Asymmetrical Speed?
ISPs allocate up to 90% of their quoted speed strictly for downloads and limit your upload speed. That hurts your Internet performance for cloud file storage, cloud file backup, and cloud apps. Don’t settle — demand an Internet plan that delivers equal (symmetrical) upload & download speed.

At WiFiBy, we deliver symmetrical speed plans.

Dedicated or Shared Traffic?
ISPs often combine voice & data traffic on the same connection which slows performance. Don’t be fooled by consumer “bundles” – your business needs a connection dedicated to Internet-only traffic.

At WiFiBy, our network is dedicated to Internet-only traffic.